CorSense™ IoT Sensors

Support existing industrial technology with leading sensing capabilities. Corvalent’s line of IoT sensors, CorSense, is able to detect various environmental metrics and communicate with existing IoT machines and systems to increase operational efficiency.

CorSense Environmental IoT Sensors

Corvalent smart vibration product 1

Smart Vibration & Temperature Sensor

The perfect solution to your next condition monitoring application, this sensor can be used with any cloud service available.
Corvalent corvalent co2

CO2, Temperature, Humidity & Particulate Matter Sensor

This sensor boasts up to a two-mile range and uses a wireless mesh networking architecture. It is capable of transmitting highly accurate CO2 concentration, particle size, mass concentration, temperature, and humidity samples at user-defined intervals.
Corvalent humidity sensor

CO2, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The wireless mesh networking architecture used by this CO2, Temperature, and Humidity sensor allows it to transmit highly accurate environmental data to give you fuller visibility over your equipment.
Corvalent humidity pressure 1

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure & Air Quality Environmental Sensor

This sensor runs using just 2 AA batteries for up to 3 years, and has an operational lifetime of 300,000 wireless transmissions – optionally, it may also be externally powered.
Corvalent corvalent sensor 5

Precision Pressure Bidirectional Differential Sensor

Ideal for air, N2, O2, non-condensing, and inert gases, the Precision Pressure Bidirectional Differential Sensor is built to withstand unpredictable and harsh industrial environments.
Corvalent corvalent sensor 6

Pressure Bidirectional Differential Sensor

Built with two nozzles and silicone rubber tubing, the Pressure Bidirectional Differential Sensor transmits data at lightning-fast speeds across long ranges, and is able to measure a variety of environmental data.
Corvalent corvalent sensor 10

Predictive Maintenance Module Sensor

This sensor is a 3-axis sensor, meaning it is capable of achieving much more accurate measurements to help your organization control maintenance costs.

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