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    Longevity by Design
    U.S. manufacturer of motherboards and systems for embedded and industrial applications.
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    Industrial Motherboards
    Engineered for durability and continuous reliable operation in harsh industrial environments
  • Industrial Rackmount Computers
    Industrial Rackmount Computers
    U.S. manufacturer of rackmount computing solutions for industrial applications
  • Industrial and Box PCs
    Industrial Box PCs
    U.S. Manufacturer of industrial BOX PCs and Embedded Systems
  • Touch Screen Panel PCs
    Touch Screen Panel PCs
    U.S. provider of Touch Screen Panel PCs for oil & gas, medical and industrial applications
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    Product Design and Development
    Design, Engineering and Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Medical Contract Manufacturing
    Medical Device Contract Manufacturing
    U.S. Design, Development & Medical Device Certified Contract Manufacturing services

Why Corvalent, for your Industrial PC Needs?


It has been 20 years that Corvalent has been the leader of USA-based industrial PC and industrial motherboard manufacturers. We have been providing industrial computing solutions to many sectors including oil & gas, medical, semiconductor, and industrial automation. Our industrial motherboards, rack mount systems, box PCs and panel PCs meet strict ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards.  We are located in Cedar Park, Texas, and also provide design and medical device design & manufacturing services from our location. We are proud to now be introducing a new line of rugged peripheral devices such as industrial grade keyboards and industrial pointing devices for various industries such as industrial automation, medical, oil and gas, remote data entry and other general purpose applications. For More Information, be sure to call us to speak to one of our experienced sales consultants. They will be happy to provide you with a free quote for our services

"Corvalent has been an unwavering partner for the past 5 years, providing us with strong engineering and manufacturing support from initial design and prototyping, all the way through quality and regulatory certifications, to volume production. Alfa Thermodiagnostics is proud to acknowledge Corvalent as their true "Turn-Key" manufacturing supplier."

- Curt Davis, President and CEO Alfa Thermodiagnostics


  • The Extended Life for the 32 bit PCI

    Just recently I had a client asking us why we added 4 PCI slots to our new line of Q87 motherboards. Interesting question, as Intel and the commercial world very quickly adopted the PCI-Express as the de-facto standard for their products. The PCI Express is definitely the next evolutionary step for the PCI bus, simplifying

  • (Part 1) The GPIO Question

    So what exactly is GPIO?  Well the real question is what isn’t it?  Most of us pay little or no attention to this much neglected function not knowing all it can do for you. A computer usually interacts with the outside world by means of the keyboard, mouse and monitor, but this interaction is typically
  • Shingled Hard-Drives?

    Since the inception of the 8-14 inch plates known as hard disk drives in 1956, potential density of storage on this classical and familiar media has been increasing exponentially. Our friends at Western Digital and HGST are currently shipping their latest “monster drive”. It’s the helium filled Ultrastar He8. It still uses the now standard

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