We bring 28 years of hard-won experience automating Critical Equipment and Industrial Process  for the REAL WORLD

Since 1993, Corvalent brings hard-won experience automating Critical Equipment and Industrial Processes for the real world.

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Corvalent Is Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Consistency and longevity are our commitment to excellence.


Corvalent is founded in 1993 under its original name, American Predator Corporation (APC), in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, California. Most of the upper management of APC is still at Corvalent to this day.

In its early days, APC primarily designs and manufactures 386 and 486 industrial motherboards. Our first product launch is the 386 SX motherboard.
Just one year after being founded, American Predator Corporation launches the Predator I – the first industrial motherboard that supports two processors (the 386 and 486).
By 1995, APC has begun shipping its products to large industrial enterprises like GTECH and Boeing. We also launch another product, the Predator 747, which is considered a champion in its industry.

Two years later, American Predator Corporation moves its headquarters out of Silicon Valley and into a facility in Morgan Hill, California.


In 1998, American Predator Corporation launches another industrial motherboard – the Pentium™ Hunter Triton.


Three years after the original relocation in 1997, American Predator Corporation expands its Morgan Hill, California facility.

In 2003, just in time for APC’s 10th anniversary, we receive our ISO:9001 certification, having met the strictest Quality Management requirements in the nation.

Having received ISO:9001 certification, American Predator Corporation receives an award for being one of the fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area.


In 2007, American Predator Corporation becomes Corvalent.

In the same year, Siemens Medical Solutions (now Siemens Healthineers) certifies Corvalent as their trusted supplier for medical device manufacturing.

The innovation continues. In 2008, Corvalent introduces the 965 Micro ATX Dual Core – a powerful dual-core Pentium 4th Generation industrial motherboard.


In 2009, Corvalent relocates from Morgan Hill, California to a new facility in Cedar Park, Texas.

One year after planting our feet firmly in Texas soil, Corvalent is recognized as a valued member of the Intel Embedded Alliance (now known as the Intel Partner Alliance).
In 2011, Corvalent expands our lines of business to include nationwide airport security infrastructure.
To support Corvalent’s work in the medical industry, we receive ISO 13485 certification. This certification is crucial for companies operating in the design, production, installation, and configuration of medical devices.
In the same year as receiving ISO 13485 certification, Corvalent begins shipping its Visio product lines of Industrial Panel PCs, Industrial Panel Monitors and Displays, and Industrial HMIs.
Making our mark on Texas just four years after moving our headquarters to Cedar Park, Corvalent receives an award for Healthiest Employer of Central Texas.

In 2014, new additions to Corvalent’s product lines are added – CorBox Box PCs.

One year later, Corvalent partners with Medtronic to design a custom, highly complex system chassis that provides electrical isolation in compliance with medical standards.
2016 marks a further expansion of our product lines with the addition of CorSys Industrial Server-Class Rackmount Systems.
One year later, a new parter is added – Corvalent begins shipping to NOV, Inc., a mega player in the Oil & Gas industry.
2018 is a big year for Corvalent – in just one year, we develop our Industrial IoT Edge PCs (CorEdge), and receive an award for Enterprise Integration.
In order to provide clients with a more holistic, reliable solution, Corvalent begins to build a software team and develop Industrial IoT software.

In 2020, Corvalent celebrates over one million Industrial System deployments.

Two years later, Corvalent releases our first enterprise Industrial IoT software, CorGrid (formerly known as CAT-APM).
Two years later, Corvalent releases our first enterprise Industrial IoT software, CorGrid (formerly known as CAT-APM).
The culture of innovation doesn’t sleep – the very next year, Corvalent releases CorMonitor (formerly known as CAT-CSM), an Industrial IoT Monitoring dashboard, to accompany CorSys Rackmount Workstations.


The culture of innovation doesn’t sleep – the very next year, Corvalent releases CorMonitor (formerly known as CAT-CSM), an Industrial IoT Monitoring dashboard, to accompany CorSys Rackmount Workstations.
All of this history brings us to today. In the year 2023, Corvalent is celebrating 30 years of innovation, providing high-performance, long-life industrial equipment to our valued clients.

What We Do

Solving our customer’s toughest and most challenge problems integrating long-life Rack and Edge Computing Solutions, sensors and our IoT Cloud Platform.

How We Do It

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We design and manufacture computing engines for industrial applications and IoT integration.

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We diagnose and prevent issues fast and accurately using our predictive and preventive functions.

Corvalent Commercial Building Automation

We optimize processes and procedures for better results and maximum profit.

Corvalent robotic systems integrator

We track, monitor, and integrate devices on our IoT platform for scalability and longevity.

We are your Trusted Partner to bring IoT to life - for Your Business

IoT programs fail when they do not align with Value or with your business’ ability to monetize outcomes.  We focus on helping you build a business model aligned with value creators to maximize YOUR and Your Customers’ Profitability and Performance. 

Industrial IOT

Industrial Equipment lasts a long time - so should your IoT solution

At Corvalent, we believe that IoT solutions live with your equipment and machines over their life, but must adapt to new technologies like Machine Learning and Machine Vision.  Skills are scarce, so setup and configuration needs to be low-code/no-code, and you need flexibility to adjust how you Control, Monitor, Optimize and Track, as your business grows.

We bring user-friendly, configured software on an advanced architecture, and tailored hardware to digitally transform your industrial equipment and operations.

Our goal — to help you monetize IoT through improved uptime, productivity, quality and safety outcomes for you and for your customers.

Long Life Industrial Hardware

Computing Hardware- off-the-shelf or built to-spec on standard building blocks

Corvalent is a proven turnkey solutions provider that builds-to-spec industrial embedded computing and long-life motherboards, edge and gateway solutions and rackmount systems.  Corvalent manufactures and designs for long-life, ensuring like-for-like supportability over the long term and building-in reliability and quality. 

We are proud to be a US-based sole source provider to multiple industries.   

Industries We Serve

The longest life in-production embedded computing systems that bring you a peace of mind.

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Years Serving Industry Leaders
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of the top 5 largest Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers in the USA rely on Corvalent for Computing Solutions.
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of the top 15 largest Defense Contractors in the USA rely on Corvalent for Industrial Computing Solutions.
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PCB's Designed, Developed & Owned

What Our Customers & Partners Are Saying

“With Corvalent’s support and assistance, I was not only able to source a direct fit replacement motherboard, but was also able to offer an unprecedented guarantee of availability for this exact board for years to come. This was a huge selling point and encouraged many of my customers to make the switch to this board. Besides the availability of the board, Corvalent offers an exceptional level of support and is ready to address any concerns at a moment’s notice. I would highly recommend Corvalent’s products to anyone seeking to offer continued support of any legacy computer product.”

Jay Alarcon
Control Laser Corporation

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Bring Corvalent’s 28 Years of Industrial Automation and Control experience and have us put it to work helping to solve your Computing Equipment Control, Monitoring and Tracking Application, IoT Implementation and Single Pane Dashboard Data Management challenges.

Scott Leidolf

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“The engineering on my end was extremely simplified by their responsiveness and professionalism.”

Steve Weidman
Baker Hughes

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We look forward to collaborating with them further in the future to provide high-quality, long life, system solutions for the benefit of our mutual end customers in the embedded marketplace for years to come.”

Brian Crowley

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