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    Longevity By Design
    US manufacturer of motherboards & systems for embedded & industrial applications
  • motherboards
    Industrial Motherboards
    Engineered for durability and continuous reliable operation in harsh industrial environments
  • Industrial Rackmount Computers
    Industrial Rackmount Computers
    U.S. manufacturer of rackmount computing solutions for industrial applications
  • Industrial and Box PCs
    Industrial Box PCs
    U.S. Manufacturer of industrial BOX PCs and Embedded Systems
  • Touch Screen Panel PCs
    Touch Screen Panel PCs
    U.S. provider of Touch Screen Panel PCs for oil & gas, medical and industrial applications
  • Product Design and Development
    Product Design & Development
    Design, Engineering & Contract Manufacturing Services
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    Medical Device Contract Manufacturing
    US Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services

Why Corvalent, for your Industrial PC Needs?


Texas-based Corvalent supports embedded developers and OEMs with rugged, made-in-America industrial computing systems and products. Ensuring longevity by design, Corvalent’s focused slate of reliable, high performance solutions features industrial motherboards, rackmount systems, box PCs and panel PCs for every embedded market segment. All Corvalent products are supported by unmatched and highly flexible materials programs, guaranteeing product consistency, long-life availability and reduced cost of ownership. Coupled with proven contract design and manufacturing services, Corvalent provides a cost-effective competitive edge – adding value with decades of rugged design expertise, white glove product support and private design services that ensure OEM productivity and protect time to market. Longevity by design means choosing to avoid the less costly, shorter term design options and instead relying on more reliable, higher quality components. Corvalent’s way of doing business is all about ensuring consistency with end-of-life principles beyond peripherals and all the way down to the component level. Feel free to share any ideas, questions or concerns below. You’ve heard about our story, so tell us yours!

"CaptureCorvalent has been an unwavering partner for the past 5 years, providing us with strong engineering and manufacturing support from initial design and prototyping, all the way through quality and regulatory certifications, to volume production. Alfa Thermodiagnostics is proud to acknowledge Corvalent as their true "Turn-Key" manufacturing supplier."

- Curt Davis, President and CEO Alfa Thermodiagnostics

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  • Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI)

    Sophisticated three-dimensional graphics are playing a growing role in healthcare, improving treatment options and clinical decision-making.  But for many medical designers and OEMs, jumping to 3-D is unfamiliar territory – not only complex from a design perspective but also warranting an understanding of commercial graphics components as part of an embedded design strategy. Commercial components

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