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Medical Design & Manufacturing for Smart Healthcare Providers

Corvalent partners with OEMs and start-ups alike on the design, manufacturing, and optimization of high-quality medical equipment.

Make Us Your Trusted Design & Manufacturing Partner

Corvalent possesses a deep understanding of high-performance medical solutions, high-definition imaging, and more. Our decades of experience mitigating design challenges allows the OEMs we partner with to:

  • Focus on application development
  • Get to market faster
  • Concentrate development resources on competitive differentiation
  • Rely on Corvalent as a trusted medical design and manufacturing partner

Partnering with Corvalent provides a tangible competitive edge. Working with our team of experts allows you to optimize systems and processes, such as ground-up product development and insight on existing designs.

Our Medical Capabilities

Corvalent is ISO 13845 certified, allowing us to be a legitimate partner in the design, production, installation, and configuration of medical devices. We have also been certified by Siemens Healthineers as a trusted supplier of medical device manufacturing. We provide high-quality, long-lasting products for:

“Our biggest nightmare is an end of life notice for one of our products with no advance warning and the channel is dry. Since Corvalent products have such longevity, this really isn’t an issue with our technology systems that use their products.”

Senior Systems Engineer

Leading Pharmacy Management Company in Kansas

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Why Choose Us for Your Embedded Computing Needs

Looking for a technology partner who aligns with you to reach your business goals?

Corvalent is a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life, industrial motherboards and custom computer systems that are the ideal growth driver for OEMs and medical start-ups.

Environmentally Certified

No matter the environment you are working in, Corvalent’s solutions are designed to withstand it. That includes shock, vibration, dust, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and more.

American Manufacturing Advantage

As a US-based sole source provider, our medical start-up and OEM partners are ensured uninterrupted design and development processes, as well as IP protection.

Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Our product lines stay in production for an average of 7 to 15 years, virtually eliminating device incompatibility costs, tooling changes, re-certifications, rebidding, and more. We help you reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Reduced Development Time

In addition to being made in the USA, partnering with Corvalent results in the reduction of design and development time and integration headaches. We are your partner through the entire process.

Industrial IoT Products for the Medical Industry

Corvalent corsys industries image

Rackmount Workstations

CorSys Rackmount PCs are available in pre-configured and built-to-spec models, ensuring that your industrial technology suits the needs of your business and can grow alongside you.

Click to view our line of CorSys Industrial Workstations and PCs.
Corvalent Box PCs Compact Systems

Box PCs & Compact Systems

Our lines of CorBox and CorEdge Box PCs and Edge Computers transform your business with the processing and computing power of the latest Intel® technology, flexibility, and reliability.

Click to learn more about CorBox and CorEdge.
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Panel Mount Products

Manufactured from high-quality, durable materials right here in the USA, Corvalent’s panel mount products include Industrial HMIs, Panel Monitors, and Panel PCs.

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Industrial Motherboards

Backed by a 7-year production guarantee, Corvalent’s Industrial Motherboards are built with longevity in mind.

Click to view Corvalent’s ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX Industrial Motherboards.
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Leverage unmatched Industrial IoT monitoring power with CorGrid.

Corvalent’s CorGrid allows medical companies to track assets, make data-driven decisions, and even set up predictive and preventive maintenance systems.

Get in Touch With Our Team to Discuss Your Medical Design or Computing Solution

Trusted Medical Design and Manufacturing Partner, Supporting Start-Ups and Top Medical OEM's

Whether it’s high definition imaging or compact high-performance solutions, Corvalent’s deep understanding of global design challenges allows OEM’s to focus on application development. OEM’s get to market faster, concentrating development resources on competitive differentiation and relying on Corvalent as their market-savvy medical design and manufacturing partner.

Our Contract Design and Manufacturing Services provide a tangible competitive edge, optimizing systems and products such as ground-up product development or expert insight on existing designs.




Medical Equipment Asset Tracking

Medical Workstations & Carts


Why Choose Corvalent for Your Embedded Computing Needs

Corvalent is a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life, industrial motherboards and custom computer systems. 

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Environmentally Certified

Corvalent solutions can be designed for shock, vibration, dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Corvalent products stay in production an average of 7 to 15 years, virtually eliminating the cost of device incompatibilities, tooling changes, re-certifications, rebidding and more.

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American Manufacturing Advantage

OEM’s are ensured uninterrupted design, development, and IP protection with Corvalent as a U.S.-based sole source provider.

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Reduced Development Time

A design and manufacturing partnership with Corvalent will reduce development time and avoid integration headaches.

Our Products

Rackmount Workstations

1U, 2U, 3U & 4U Fully Customized System

Box PC's & Compact Systems

Wide Temperature Range & Small Form-Factor

Panel Mount Products

Industrial HMI’s, Panel Monitors & Panel PC’s

Industrial Motherboards

Designed and Manufactured in the USA,
Durable, Long-Life & Reliable

CorGrid Software

Asset Performance Management Hardware
and Software for IoT Automation.