Long-Lasting Performance & Reliability for Energy & Power Companies

Corvalent partners with OEMs and start-ups alike on the design, manufacturing, and optimization of high-quality medical equipment.

Your Go-To Solution for Industrial Products & Systems

With our home base in the heart of oil country in Texas, Corvalent is proud to be a long-life computing solution service for power and energy companies, including Oil and Gas, Power Plants, Windmills, Mining, and more. We partner with you to get to know your business and its goals, giving us insight into the Corvalent products and solutions that can maximize your growth and innovation.

Partnering with Corvalent helps power and energy companies reduce the costs of system ownership, protect revenue, all while ensuring non-stop performance and reliability in all of our product lines. Additionally, we are able to readily integrate your IP during the system development process. We specialize in creating compatible plug-and-play solutions that refresh systems, streamline part numbers, reduce development time, and ensure simple on-site integration.

The Energy & Power Computing Solutions We Provide

Corvalent has over 30 years of experience working with clients across a variety of industries, including energy and power. Over the years, we have expanded our product lines and offering to encompass a full-funnel solution for industrial and IoT monitoring, sensing, security, and more:

“We use Corvalent in the field inside our logging boxes. The reliability and stability Corvalent provides allows us to be consistent across all platforms in all of our global locations.”


Top-Tier Oilfield Services Company in Houston, Texas

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Why Choose Corvalent as Your Industrial Technology Partner

Looking for a partnership with a team of experts that takes the time to get to know your organization, and delivers fully customized embedded computing systems to align with long-term growth?

As a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life industrial systems and machines, Corvalent acts as a catalyst to your business’ scalability and innovation goals.

Environmentally Certified

Energy and power plants can be volatile environments – that’s why Corvalent’s products are built to withstand shock, vibration, dust, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and more.

American Manufacturing Advantage

Reap the benefits of working with a US-based design and manufacturing partner – uninterrupted design and development, and ensured IP protection.

Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Our mission is to help you reach your goals more quicker and more effectively. Our products stay in production for anywhere between 7 and 15 years, eliminating the need for tooling changes, incompatibility costs, and re-certification.

Reduced Development Time

As a full-service industrial equipment designer, developer, and installer, Corvalent’s process eliminates slowdowns and headaches – we make the entire process easier.

Industrial IoT Products for Energy & Power Companies

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Rackmount Workstations

Corvalent’s line of rackmount workstations, CorSys, runs on industry-leading, powerful technology and is available in built-to-spec and pre-configured models – click to view our line of Industrial Rackmount Workstations and PCs.
Corvalent Box PCs Compact Systems

Box PCs & Compact Systems

Leveraging the power of the latest Intel® technology to provide the optimal level of flexibility and reliability.

Ready to transform your business with CorBox and CorEdge? Click below to view our product line.
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Panel Mount Products

In search of durable Industrial HMIs, Panel Monitors, or Panel PCs?

Corvalent’s line of panel mount products are built for uninterrupted performance in even the harshest industrial environments, driving innovation for your business.
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Industrial Motherboards

Corvalent’s Intel®-based ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX Industrial Motherboards are backed by 7-year production guarantees, ensuring continuous performance and virtually eliminating upgrade costs.

Click to view this product line.
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CorGrid is an Industrial IoT platform that allows for automated monitoring of a wide variety of assets – including oil and gas production wells and other remote assets.

Click to learn more about the features of CorGrid and how to pair it effectively with CorMonitor.

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Why Choose Corvalent for Your Embedded Computing Needs

Corvalent is a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life, industrial motherboards and custom computer systems. 

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Environmentally Certified

Corvalent solutions can be designed for shock, vibration, dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Corvalent products stay in production an average of 7 to 15 years, virtually eliminating the cost of device incompatibilities, tooling changes, re-certifications, rebidding and more.

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American Manufacturing Advantage

OEM’s are ensured uninterrupted design, development, and IP protection with Corvalent as a U.S.-based sole source provider.

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Reduced Development Time

A design and manufacturing partnership with Corvalent will reduce development time and avoid integration headaches.