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CorSense™, CorGateway™ & CorLogic PLC

Corvalent offers a variety of IoT sensors, gateways, and PLCs to optimize your equipment monitoring capabilities, allowing you to focus on the mission critical operations that keep your business running.

Monitor Your Equipment With Smart Sensors

Built by Industrial IoT experts using high-quality materials, CorSense Sensors and Gateways are energy-efficient devices that are suitable for use in a variety of applications. Upgrade your asset monitoring and drive business growth with Corvalent’s CorSense product line.
CorSense Sensors and Gateways can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, and other environmental data. CorSense is also offered for general sensor inputs, power monitoring, spatial monitoring, and other interactive options, including vibration, GPS, and more.

An example of a Corvalent sensor:

CorSense Environmental Sensor

CorSense Gateway

Corvalent corgateway image


In order to securely connect to Corvalent’s CorGrid system, CorSense IoT Sensors require an MQTT Gateway. The CorGateway Wi-Fi Micro Gateway connects wireless IoT sensors to an MQTT broker, allowing it to easily forward data and readings to CorGrid.

One CorGateway is able to handle communications of up 100 sensors. The CorSense Micro Gateway may also be used for configuration of basic settings of remote wireless IoT sensors.


Our line of CorSense™ wireless sensors are capable of monitoring air quality, humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, current, vibration, and more.

Built with a rugged case and able to withstand harsh industrial environments, these sensors are all tested to ISO standards. When paired with CorGateway, sensors gather and transmit data securely to a Corvalent CorEdge computer anywhere from 2 to 28 miles away.

Extremely energy efficient, CorSense IoT sensors can also run on batteries for up to 2 years.

Corvalent corsense image
Corvalent corlogic image

CorLogic PLC​

Created to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, this IIoT-ready PLC is the perfect equipment to interconnect your machinery, systems, and cloud smartly, deploying performance and connectivity in a very cost-effective device.

With large processing capabilities, smart I/O, and support for a wide variety of communication protocols.

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