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CorSense Environmental Sensor

Temperature | Humidity | Pressure | Air Quality

Technical Specifications

The CorSense™ digital wireless environmental sensor is a 4-in-1 sensor for gathering gas (air quality), humidity, atmospheric barometric pressure, and temperature. With a rugged case, the sensors, all tested to ISO standards, gather data and transmit securely (using the CorSense Gateway) to a Corvalent CorEdge Edge computer up to 2 miles away using the included antenna, and up to 28 miles away when using high-gain antennas.

Designed for Industrial IoT, Building Automation and Monitoring, Schools, Hospitals, Weather Forecasting, and Factory monitoring, the data is encrypted and tagged with a unique serial number to identify the exact sensor taking the readings.  Extremely energy efficient, these sensors can also run on batteries and there is a battery monitoring feature.

Dimensions 1.29″ H  x 1.29″ W x 4.09″ D (33mm x 104mm x 175mm)
Sensor Type Gas, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature
Output Type I²C, SPI
Gas Sensor Parameters
  • Response time (𝜏𝜏33 −63%) < 1 s (for new sensors)
  • Power consumption < 0.1 mA in ultra-low power mode
  • Output data processing direct index for air quality (IAQ) output
Humidity Sensor Parameters
  • Response time (𝜏𝜏0−63%) ~8 s
  • Accuracy tolerance ±3% r.H.
  • Hysteresis ±1.5% r.H.
Pressure Sensor Parameters
  • RMS Noise 0.12 Pa, equiv. to 1.7 cm
  • Offset temperature coefficient ±1.3 Pa/K, equiv. to ±10.9 cm at 1 °C temperature change
Temperature Operating: -40°C to +85°C
RoHS RoHS3 Compliant
Part Number SY-SNS-NPR49-24L
Product Highlights:
  • For Gas, Humidity, Pressure, Temperature
  • Dimensions
  • Low Power Consumption
  • ROHS3 Compliant
  • Made In USA

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