About Corvalent

Empowering Computing Solutions to Enable Long-Term Peace of Mind
Corvalent, a trusted leader in industrial embedded computing, ensures success by offering long-life motherboards, systems and custom turn-key solutions that help customers make the most of their applications. Corvalent manufactures and designs consistent, lasting products and provides customers with availability and support for years to come. By designing for longevity risk is lowered, and total cost of ownership is significantly minimized.

To ensure the highest quality parts and products, Corvalent uses exclusively IntelĀ® processors and operates under strict document and revision control. Corvalent is ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified, guaranteeing customers a consistent and continued supply of products for a minimum of seven years.

All Corvalent systems are manufactured near Austin, TX in the beautiful city of Cedar Park, using their own industrial motherboard designs. Corvalent is a member of the IntelĀ® Intelligent Systems Alliance, a community of embedded developers and communications solution providers.


We empower computing solutions to enable peace of mind.


To become the industry standard and number one trusted advisor within a decade.


We believe technology equipment builders are overpaying for their realized value.

Corvalent is founded by a group of investors in Silicon Valley

Corvalent moves to Cedar Park, Texas

Corvalent named one of the fastest growing companies

Manufacturing leadership award winner

“Our corporate philosophy is simple. We focus on providing exceptional customer service and delivering consistent, high quality, long-life cycle products. These things forge loyal partnerships with our customers.”
Ed Trevis

President & CEO