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Industrial Computing Solutions Built and Designed in the USA

CorSys Computing Systems

Corvalent provides built-to-spec or off-the-shelf computing systems for industrial application in a variety of industries.

We stand behind our product, ensuring exceptional build quality and timely replacements if they become necessary. In fact, Corvalent’s computing systems are guaranteed for 15 years of production – sometimes longer.

Our CorSys products are carefully designed to allow our customers to support product vision and ongoing innovation, ensuring an all-in-one solution for your industrial IoT computing needs. Click below to learn more about CorSys.

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CorServer Industrial Server

Keep pace with a fast-changing world with a CorServer system. All of Corvalent’s customizable embedded server systems are backed by a consistent supply guarantee.

Our passion for quality and reliability extends to our entire product suite, helping you drive consistent growth.

Click below to visit our CorServer product page for more information, download our white paper, or request an evaluation.

CorEdge Box PCs

In mission-critical industrial environments, it’s crucial to invest in a computing system that is capable of solving a variety of problems.

CorEdge PCs are built with the latest Intel processing components and heat-dissipating metal. They are also fan-less, and feature a compact and low-profile design. In other words, they are designed with edge computing in mind.

Click below to learn more about our line of CorEdge products.

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IoT Solutions & Sensors

Corvalent’s newest additions to our suite of industrial technology products include Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies with remote monitoring capabilities.

We offer complete Industrial IoT solutions. From our CorMonitor and CorGrid platforms, to our full line of IoT-integrated products (sensors, security, servers, and gateways), Corvalent helps your business realize continued growth and innovation.

Predictive and preventive monitoring have never been simpler – click below to learn more.

Our Industrial Hardware Products Power the Critical Equipment that Keeps the World Running

Industrial Motherboards

All of Corvalent’s Intel-based industrial motherboards are backed by 7-15 years of production, helping OEMs eliminate the cost of continuous upgrades on computing machines.

This investment helps decrease – or even eliminate – the need for excess spending on recertification, rebidding, and device incompatibilities.

Click below to learn more about the various models we offer.

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Panel PCs, Displays & HMI

Our Panel PC systems offer an all-in-one solution for display and computing needs, and use die-cast aluminum and stainless steel components, alongside our displays and HMIs.

From Oil and Gas, to Machine Control, to Industrial Automation, and more, you can trust that our panel PC, display, and HMI products can stand the test of time without sacrificing functionality.

CorMed Certified Medical PCs & Workstations

Corvalent’s medical PC and workstation solutions are designed with the breadth of the medical industry in mind – full OEM customizations mean your PC will work for your sector’s specific computing needs.

Aside from functionality, Corvalent’s medical-grade equipment is fully certified, available in multiple sizes, and antimicrobial. Click to see our line of medical PCs and workstations.

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CorGuard Equipment Transport Enclosures

Part of investing in high-grade, quality industrial equipment is finding the ideal way to transport it without causing damage.

Lucky for you, Corvalent offers CorGuard, built-to-spec cases that allow you to transport your machinery without worry. The foam inserts in each case are fully customizable, able to be cut to the exact specifications of the product you are transporting.

Additionally, these cases are dust and watertight, molded from a high-strength copolymer resin, and resistant to contaminants, including UV, solvents, fungus, and more.

Why Work With Corvalent?

Corvalent is a trusted provider of industrial computing and hardware solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries. Click below to get started and see how our solutions and products can help you drive technology, solutions, and value for your business.

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