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COTS-Based Electronics for Aerospace & Defense

Corvalent products are proudly made in the heart of Texas, and assist our military on a global scale. Keep reading to learn more.

Achieve Information & Security Superiority With Corvalent’s Defense Technology Solutions

Corvalent’s high-performance embedded technology significantly reduces the cost of system ownership and protects revenue, all while ensuring non-stop, long-life performance and reliability. As trusted advisors to the military sector, Corvalent readily and expertly integrates clients’ IP as a component of system development. Our ultimate goal is to protect your system and data by creating rugged, compatible plug-and-play solutions that refresh systems, streamline part numbers, reduce development time, and guarantee simple on-site integration.

How We Assist Defense & Aerospace Companies

Corvalent has three decades of hands-on experience and proven expertise, backed by partnerships with major players across a variety of industries, including Defense & Aerospace. Over the years, we have continued to grow our capabilities and product offerings to best serve clients with monitoring, IoT, hardware solutions, and more:

“Corvalent’s flexibility and willingness to change its solution to accommodate our needs put them ahead of the competition. They take very good care of us and stand behind their products.”

Senior Principal Engineer

Premier provider of communications, engineering, and integration solutions for defense, commercial, and government industries

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Why Defense & Aerospace Organizations Choose Corvalent

When you work with Corvalent, your success and efficiency is a win for us, too. We collaborate with you, taking the time to get to know your business and deliver IoT and computing solutions that drive the path forward.

Align your organization with long-term growth by partnering with Corvalent, a leading industrial designer, manufacturer, and integrator of durable, high-performance systems and machines.

Environmentally Certified

Corvalent’s products are built specifically to withstand volatile, extreme environments – our solutions hold up to shock, dust, vibration, corrosion, and other unpredictable environments.

American Manufacturing Advantage

Corvalent is a US-based sole source provider, allowing us to provide IP protection and deliver solutions quicker through an uninterrupted design and development process.

Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Eliminate tooling changes, re-certification needs, and decrease incompatibility costs with Corvalent – our products stay in production for up to 15 years.

Reduced Development Time

A partnership with Corvalent means you get access to a team of experts who function as a full-service partner, eliminating integration headaches and process slowdowns.

Industrial IoT Products for Energy & Power Companies

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Rackmount Workstations

CorSys, Corvalent’s line of rackmount workstations has various applications in the defense and aerospace industries – these systems are available in built-to-spec models, but can also be pre-configured to align with organizational goals and needs.
Corvalent Box PCs Compact Systems

Box PCs & Compact Systems

CorBox and CorEdge leverage Intel’s® latest technology for maximum reliability and power.

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Panel Mount Products

Corvalent offers a variety of panel mount products, including Industrial HMIs, Panel Monitors, and Panel PCs.

These products are built with performance in mind, and are able to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.

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Industrial Motherboards

Similar to many of Corvalent’s products, our Intel®-based ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX Industrial Motherboards are backed by 7-year production guarantees.

Similar to many of Corvalent’s products, our Intel®-based ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX Industrial Motherboards are backed by 7-year production guarantees. Invest in the technology that promotes growth and innovation for your business by partnering with Corvalent.
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When paired with Corvalent’s IoT monitoring solution, CorMonitor, CorGrid optimizes how you monitor your assets – no matter where they are located.

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Why Choose Corvalent for Your Embedded Computing Needs

Corvalent is a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life, industrial motherboards and custom computer systems. 

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Environmentally Certified

Corvalent solutions can be designed for shock, vibration, dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Corvalent products stay in production an average of 7 to 15 years, virtually eliminating the cost of device incompatibilities, tooling changes, re-certifications, rebidding and more.

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American Manufacturing Advantage

OEM’s are ensured uninterrupted design, development, and IP protection with Corvalent as a U.S.-based sole source provider.

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Reduced Development Time

A design and manufacturing partnership with Corvalent will reduce development time and avoid integration headaches.