Our Roots in American Manufacturing

Being a Patriot Takes More than Just Being American

Has the value of “American Made” manufacturing really left America?

Made in the U.S.A. Has More Meaning than Ever Before

Made in the U.S.A. has more meaning than ever before, as globalization – despite its many positives – has also driven erosion of manufacturing jobs in the United States. There is a sense of responsibility, pride, and satisfaction to be completely focused on true American manufacturing.

In this Whitepaper, You’ll Learn:

Why is American Manufacturing So Important?

Building the world economy really does start here, with empowered Americans building their own wealth, buying products, safeguarding their own futures, and ultimately contributing to our country’s well-being and world stature as a manufacturing innovator.

The Corvalent Worldview

By building competitive technology systems, Corvalent is building jobs, products, and profits – including supporting employee training and growth, driving technology advances across the spectrum of embedded markets, and reinvesting profits in local, state, and national economies. In addition to supporting OEMs and technology innovators with uninterrupted product design and availability, the company can point to a steadfast contribution to the American dream.

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Rugged and Reliable Industrial Computing Solutions

Corvalent’s broad x86 industrial computing expertise crosses markets to add tangible value in all embedded segments. All Corvalent products are supported by unmatched and highly flexible materials programs, guaranteeing product consistency, long-life availability and reduced cost of ownership. ​

Industrial Software.

Our software builder digitally transforms your industrial equipment and operations. CAT (Connected Assets Technologies) and APM (Asset Performance Management) brings the power and flexibility to monitor, manage and control your industrial IOT solution. Make changes quickly and realize new opportunities, reduce downtime and lower cost.