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Medical Workstations &
Certified Medical PCs

For 30 years, Corvalent has been proudly providing our clients with medical PCs and workstations that are built to align with your business goals.

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Cutting-Edge Medical PCs & Workstations

Corvalent’s line of CorMed medical computing systems are designed for long-life OEM customization. All of our medical computers and medical PCs are designed for certification, touchscreen, antimicrobial, and available in multiple sizes for desktop or mobile medical cart applications. Other features include full HD widescreen options, Bluetooth, WiFi, and battery backup power.

When paired with the CorGrid’s powerful monitoring capabilities, Corvalent’s certified medical computers and medical PCs ensure that your medical facility is able to provide necessary services to patients, driving growth for your business.

CorMed-Q170 Medical Box PC

The CorMed-Q170 Box PC is certified for medical use, fan-less, and rugged PC built to work with a variety of medical equipment and environments.

This medical PC was expertly crafted for quiet yet powerful performance, with a 6th Generation Intel® Core processor. Additionally, the CorMed-Q170 is Energy Star 6.1 compliant, using less energy than comparable systems.

Click below to view product specs for the CorMed-Q170.

CorMed-M24T Medical Computer

The CorMed-M24T™ is an all-in-one medical computer, featuring a 24”, full high-definition display and 12th Generation Intel® processor.

The CorMed-M24T™ is medically certified, touchscreen, antimicrobial, and available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your mobile, desktop, or medical cart application.

Click below to view product specs for the CorMed-M24T™.

CorMed-M24 Medical Workstation

The CorMed-M24™ is an industrial touchscreen VESA-mount medical workstation, including 14 total I/O ports to ensure maximum connectivity.

This medical workstation is designed for certification, and utilizes an Intel® Mobile Core i5/i3 processor.

Click below to view product specs for the CorMed-M24™ Medical Workstation.

CorMed-M22 Medical PC

The CorMed-M22™ is an industrial touchscreen medical PC. It features a 22” full high-definition widescreen with Intel® i7 CPU.

With a 1000:1 contrast ratio, flat design, and 1920 x 1080 ppx resolution, the CorMed-M22™ is an excellent driver of growth and servicing capabilities.

Click below to view product specs for the CorMed-M22™ Industrial Medical PC.

CorMed-M19 Medical PC

The CorMed-M19™ touchscreen medical PC, featuring a 19” widescreen display, Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and 12 I/O ports for maximum connectivity and powerful monitoring capabilities.

Click below to view product specs for the CorMed-M19™ industrial medical PC.

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