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Support Infrastructure Applications With Advanced Computing Solutions

Corvalent offers design and manufacturing support for smart city and infrastructure industry clientele. Keep reading to learn more or get started.

High Reliability IIoT Hardware & Software that Drives Infrastructure Growth

In order to best serve our valued clientele in the infrastructure industry, Corvalent offers x86 computing solutions that balance low power usage with maintained high performance across any embedded space. All of our products and IoT solutions meet rigorous performance requirements while ensuring consistency and reliability.

Additionally, partnering with Corvalent gives you the benefit of working with an industry leading organization that has spent years streamlining our processes and workflows to best support the unique needs of companies across a variety of industries.

How We Work With Infrastructure Businesses

Over our 30 years in the IoT and industrial computing industry, Corvalent has amassed not only in-depth experience and knowledge of the space, but also ongoing partnerships with a variety of major players across industries like Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Defense & Aerospace, and more. The solutions we are able to provide for the Infrastructure space include:

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Embedded Computing for Smart Cities & Infrastructure

From revision controlled, long-life industrial motherboards to custom computer systems that integrate directly with your processes to drive innovation, partnering with Corvalent bridges the gap between your organization and its growth goals.

Environmentally Certified

Infrastructure environments can be unpredictable – ensure that your technology can withstand this volatility with Corvalent’s shock, dust, vibration, and corrosion-proof products.

American Manufacturing Advantage

Experience the benefits of working with a US-based provider. We are able to deliver solutions quicker due to uninterrupted design and development processes – all with IP protection.

Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Our products stay in production for up to 15 years. Partnering with Corvalent drives efficiency by eliminating re-certification needs, tooling changes, and more.

Reduced Development Time

Corvalent functions as your full-service technology partner, providing support in the form of consultation and machines. Our goal is to eliminate integration headaches and slowdowns.

Integrated IoT Solutions that Transform Operations

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Rackmount Workstations

Alleviate inefficiency and operational headaches with Corvalent’s CorSys system. CorSys equipment is available in both out-of-the-box configurations, as well as built-to-spec custom options.

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Corvalent Box PCs Compact Systems

Box PCs & Compact Systems

Corvalent offers a family of Box PC products – CorBox, CorBox2, and CorEdge. This solution can be customized to fit your organizational needs, including pre-installing software, branding the system, and more.
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Panel Mount Products

Ensuring smooth workflows and continual efficiency is easier than ever with Corvalent’s Explosion-Proof HMIs, Panel Monitors, and Panel PCs. All of these products are rated IP65 to IP69K, as well as ATEX Marine.

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Industrial Motherboards

Our industrial motherboard products are backed by 7-year production guarantees, opening the door for uninterrupted, long-life functionality for your business.

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CorGrid is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform that enables organizations like yours to monitor remote assets, ensure maximum uptime, and predict and prevent failures before they happen.

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