Smart Cities and Infrastructure

High Reliability & Advanced Customer Solutions Supporting Infrastructure Applications

Corvalent helps leverage broad industry experience across transportation, security and surveillance, inspection systems, fleet management and tolls, heavy machinery, data management/acquisition, data centers and server farms. With assured mission-critical performance and proven rugged long-life designs, Corvalent offers both design and manufacturing services to support the infrastructure industry. 

Our x86 computing solutions are proven to enable low power and high performance across any embedded space. Meet rigorous performance requirements, reduce development time and ensure product consistency and reliability with peace of mind.



Asset Monitoring

Heavy Machinery

Predicitive Mainenance

Preventitve Maintenance

Inspection Systems

Fleet Management

Why Choose Corvalent for Your Embedded Computing Needs

Corvalent is a leading industrial designer and manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life, industrial motherboards and custom computer systems. 

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Environmentally Certified

Corvalent solutions can be designed for shock, vibration, dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

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Rugged, Long Life Cycle Products

Corvalent products stay in production an average of 7 to 15 years, virtually eliminating the cost of device incompatibilities, tooling changes, re-certifications, rebidding and more.

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American Manufacturing Advantage

OEM’s are ensured uninterrupted design, development, and IP protection with Corvalent as a U.S.-based sole source provider.

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Reduced Development Time

A design and manufacturing partnership with Corvalent will reduce development time and avoid integration headaches.

Our Products

Rackmount Workstations

1U, 2U, 3U & 4U Fully Customized System

Box PC's & Compact Systems

Wide Temperature Range & Small Form-Factor

Panel Mount Products

Industrial HMI’s, Panel Monitors & Panel PC’s

Industrial Motherboards

Designed and Manufactured in the USA,
Durable, Long-Life & Reliable

CorGrid Software

Asset Performance Management Hardware
and Software for IoT Automation.

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