Client & Partner Testimonials

“What began over a dozen years ago as a quest to find a supplier of industrial grade motherboards has evolved into a partnership with the most professional and competent company I do business with. Corvalent now provides us with complete, turn-key systems that are application ready the minute they hit my floor. The time and money savings are beyond what I could have expected. And the systems are rock solid!”

Working with Corvalent to supply our complete system solutions means we no longer have to spend time and money researching hardware, software and operating system changes. The team at Corvalent makes sure that our systems come in the door ready to go right out of the box. Best decision we’ve made.”

Eric Marry

Purchasing Manager, Verimation Technology, Inc.

“For over twenty-five years, developers of industrial control and process automation systems have been choosing QNX technology for its true realtime performance, exceptional fault tolerance, and rich support for off-the-shelf platforms.

We are pleased to now be working strategically with Corvalent to address the most challenging embedded and industrial environments by offering customers the combined value of QNX Neutrino, the world’s most advanced RTOS, with rugged, high-performance hardware platforms from Corvalent.”

Linda Campbell

Director of Strategic Alliances, QNX Software Systems

“Based upon my experience with Corvalent, I wouldn’t change a thing. They provided a much needed product at a time when we needed it, at a decent price, with good delivery. One of the best things was that the salesman would be thorough to contact occasionally but wouldn’t hound me when I told him that the business ‘is what it is’. Good job.”

Bill E. Voyles


“I needed a legacy solution for continued support of the thousands of laser systems currently in use across the globe. Corvalent was able to provide a very flexible, industrial and fully supported motherboard that offered me the flexibility of Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP® support along with the need for a specific form factor with ISA slots.

Before I found Corvalent, it seemed I had run into a brick wall and would have to spend thousands in material and engineering costs to offer retrofit solutions for these products. With Corvalent’s support and assistance, I was not only able to source a direct fit replacement motherboard, but was also able to offer an unprecedented guarantee of availability for this exact board for years to come. This was a huge selling point and encouraged many of my customers to make the switch to this board. Besides the availability of the board, Corvalent offers an exceptional level of support and is ready to address any concerns at a moment’s notice.

I would highly recommend Corvalent’s products to anyone seeking to offer continued support of any legacy computer product. Thank you to Corvalent for their continued commitment to support, quality, and longevity of products!”

Jay Alarcon

Field Service Manager, Control Laser Corporation

“Intel® has been working closely with Corvalent since the inception of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance program when they joined as an Affiliate member. Their portfolio of Intel® architecture based embedded boards and solutions along with their service, support, and life cycle management bring a strong offering to the embedded and industrial marketplace.

We are pleased to have them as a member of the Alliance and continue to provide product, technical, and marketing support so they can deliver solutions for our mutual end customers.”

Troy Smith

Director, Intel® IoT Alliance

“Corvalent has exceeded industry standards with integrity, efficiency and care of our medical device manufacture and support. With the leadership of Ed Trevis (CEO) and his team of engineers with superlative quality control management, Corvalent is and will be a leader in the industry for establishing and growing benchmark standards that exceed expectations.

Alfa Thermodiagnostics is proud to recognize the success of reaching a point of excellence in manufacturing for the industry. ”

Dr. Daniel Beilin

Founder & President, Alfa Thermodiagnostics

“For our discriminating customers who are saddled by high agency approval fees or foresee a lengthy production run, Norteq naturally recommends Corvalent due to their outstanding long production run record over the last decade. Furthermore, Corvalent can readily modify the AMI BIOS to suit our customers’ specific requirements, embed additional security features and last but not least add private labeling if so required by our OEM customers. We wish them well in their expansion.”

Jean Claude Brais

Norteq Industrionix, Inc.

“CompTech Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer’s representative that is proud to say we have been associated with Corvalent for over 12 years. Corvalent, in our experience, stands for quality, integrity, technology and honesty. The quality of their product is proven with our customers, by the fact of almost “zero” defects with every shipment. The integrity of their customer service, right through to the top management from Corvalent, shows when every opportunity is handled to the customers complete satisfaction.

The product has today’s technology and maintains that technology through the longest product life in the industry. The customer demands longevity. Overall, the people at Corvalent are straightforward and honest.

We expect to continue our relationship with them under their new name Corvalent for many years into the future.”

Frank Johnson

President, CompTech Systems Ltd

“BSQUARE has worked with Corvalent supplying software licensing and look forward to collaborating with them further in the future to provide high-quality, long life, system solutions for the benefit of our mutual end customers in the embedded marketplace for years to come.”

Brian Crowley

President & CEO, BSQUARE