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CorMonitor Industrial IoT Monitoring Software

Get Vital, Real-Time Insights from Your CorSys Longevity System.

What is CorMonitor?

CorMonitor is an IoT remote monitoring software developed to monitor Corvalent rackmount system brand, CorSys Longevity – it monitors system vital signs and external sensors, exporting this data through a secure API to a web-based and mobile-first Dashboard application.

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CorMonitor Features & Specs

  • Monitors the computer and your machine
  • Integrated with pre-configured CorSys Longevity rackmount system (activation needed)
  • Provides deep data on the performance and health of your CorSys Longevity rackmount system
  • Generate notifications and service tickets automatically
  • Cloud based historical data storage 
  • Monitors vital system parameters: voltages, temperatures, fan speeds, CPU per-core load, storage, and network utilization.
  • Allows for integration of up to 5 external sensors
  • Exclusive for CorSys Longevity rackmount systems and scalable through CorGrid IoT platform

Corvalent Provides the Best Industrial IoT Solutions

At Corvalent, we believe that your business should drive technology and solutions. An understanding of your business model is required to monetize IoT and capture the resulting value.

That’s where we can help. Our customers range from hundreds of smaller companies, to NASA, JPL, and the U.S. Department of Defense – the similarity between them is they appreciate our approach to understanding and solving problems.

Reduce your time-to-money on IoT with the Corvalent industrial IoT solutions package, consisting of our CorGrid, CorMonitor, and CorSys Longevity systems. Ready to capture the value of IoT?

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CorMonitor Frequently Asked Questions

CorMonitor combines real-time data for CorSys Longevity systems components and external sensors with predictive and preventive maintenance capabilities, providing advanced notice of failure events and therefore preventing costly downtimes.

  • Resource optimization: Provides more data than a typical monitor application, including all voltage levels, fan speeds, temperatures, CPU loading, storage utilization and optional external sensors. 
  • Advanced Failure Notification/Reduced MTTR: Allows a user to set alarms (sent via SMS or email) and monitor trends over time.
  • Historical data availability: Stores up to 90 days of historical data for all system vital signs for analysis. 
  • Reduces maintenance costs: With the included Extended warranty, service call costs are greatly reduced.

CorMonitor lives in a pre-allocated storage space in the monitored system storage media. Data is transmitted to our Cloud backend for storage and analysis.

Unlike many other systems, security is built into CorMonitor from the ground up. Outbound and inbound Data is encrypted using the SHA-256 encryption standard, and the CorSys computers can come equipped with the most advanced endpoint protection in the business, from the security experts at Help/Systems. In fact, if you desire, we can offer even more advanced security systems and techniques including active threat detection and mitigation. We believe that just as with Information Technology, Operational Technology must be secure. We are committed to protecting your data and your computers.

All it takes to get started is to send us an email or call us to set up a no-obligation, completely confidential appointment where you’ll be able to watch a live demonstration of CorMonitor. Our customers such as the Department of Energy, Transportation, and prime contracts, NASA, JPL, the US Department of Defense, and hundreds of other businesses appreciate our problem solving approach.

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