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Corvalent globalwhite

CorGrid IoT Solution

NEW! Measuring and Controlling What Really Matters.

Corvalent edwhite

Being a Patriot Takes More Than Just Being American

Has the value of ‘American Made’ manufacturing really left America?

Corvalent servwhite

Advantages of Server-Class Systems

Learn why and when you should adopt server-class value systems.

Corvalent skybg

The Breakthrough Power of Skylake

Where unique design implementation meets innovative 6th gen CPU performance.

Corvalent longbg

Longevity By Design

Learn how Corvalent can save your business millions by providing consistent long-life solutions.

Corvalent corbg

At the Core of Corvalent

Learn why businesses turn to Corvalent for their custom embedded computing needs.

Corvalent lifebg

The Extended Life for the 32-bit PCI

Transition to new tech, devotion to legacy interfaces.

Corvalent cirbg

Open Architecture Software Running on Long-Life Consistent Hardware

Fast track development and guaranteed compatibility work hand-in-hand to ensure long-term value.

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