CorEdge Box PC's - Edge/IoT Computing, Multi-IO, Multi-Ethernet & POE

The CorEdge line of Box PCs were designed with “Edge Computing” in mind. Corvalent’s edge computing solutions cover a wide range of technologies built to solve problems in mission-critical industrial environments. CorEdge Box PCs support the infrastructure that exists close to the sources of data through expandable IoT embedded systems.

Corvalent’s CorBox family is a full line of innovative, x86 processor based systems, providing the latest Intel microprocessor technology. The CorBox family of Industrial Embedded Systems offer a powerful, flexible, and reliable platform, which is the first step to achieving ready-to-go system solutions and improving time-to-market. Each system can be customized to the individual needs of the project, including software pre-installation, hardware installation and configuration, and system branding. Systems can be shipped “ready to plug-in” to manufacturing facilities, or directly to end users in non-branded packaging.