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CorSense Gateway

MQTT WiFi Micro Gateway

Technical Specifications

CorSense IoT Sensors need a MQTT Gateway for connection to the Corvalent CorGrid system.

The CorSense WiFi Micro Gateway connects CorSense Wireless IoT Sensors directly to a MQTT broker. Use the CorSense Gateway to quickly and easily forward temperature, send humidity data, current measurements for power consumption, light level data, counter data, and much more. The CorSense Micro Gateway is compatible with Corvalent CorGrid IoT software and CorSense sensors.

This Gateway user interface supports up to 10 IoT sensors while in configuration mode, displaying the signal strength and sensor data for each sensor during setup.  In Run mode (daily use), the CorSense Micro Gateway will work with as many IoT sensors as memory will allow (estimated to be greater than 20). The CorSense Micro Gateway may also be used for configuration of basic settings of remote wireless IoT sensors.

Use this Gateway with our compatible CorSense wireless sensors found here.

Designed for Applications including Oil and Gas, Energy and Solar, Industrial Automation & Machinery, Infrastructure and more.

Dimensions 1.63″ H  x 4.3″ W x 3.3″ D(41.4mm x 109mm x 84mm)
Range 2 mile wireless range
RoHS RoHS3 Compliant
Part Number SY-SNS-NPR55-21-MQTT
Product Highlights:
  • MQTT Gateway for Connection to CorSense Sensors
  • Dimensions 1.63″ H  x 4.3″ W x 3.3″ D(41.4mm x 109mm x 84mm)
  • Up to 2 Mile Wireless Range Between Gateway and Sensors
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Automatically Registers Sensors
  • Allows Multiple Gateways to Co-Exist for Redundant Data
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