CorSense Precision Pressure Bidirectional Differential Sensor

Technical Specifications

IoT Long range Wireless Bidirectional Differential Precision Pressure Sensor with integrated temperature sensor. With an incredible 2-mile wireless range, this IoT pressure sensor uses a 900MHz wireless mesh networking architecture to hop data across large networks when longer range is required.

Incorporating high-resolution medical grade pressure sensor, this IoT Wireless Precision Pressure Sensor samples pressure and temperature data, then transmits these data to user defined receiver(s). The whole process is repeated at user-defined intervals. For technical details on the pressure sensing element, please refer to the SDP8XX data sheet.

This Bidirectional Differential Wireless Precision Pressure Sensor comes with two nozzles, and is ideal For air, N2, O2, non-condensing and inert gases.

Part Number: SY-SNS-NPR55-24

Sensor Highlights

  • Industrial grade bidirectional differential pressure sensor
  • Includes integrated temperature sensor
  • Pressure range of up to ±500 Pa (±2 inch H2O/±5 mbar)
  • Pressure resolution up to 0.03 Pa
  • Lowest detectable pressure < 0.02 Pa
  • Operating temperature range -20° to +85° C
  • Temperature resolution 2°C
  • Ideal for air, N2, O2, non-condensing and inert gases
  • 2-mile range with 900MHz on-board antenna
  • Up to 28 miles LOS range at 900MHz with high-gain antennas
  • Interface to Amazon AWS, Losant, Microsoft Azure, and Node-Red
  • Example software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW
  • Wireless mesh networking using DigiMesh®
  • Open communication protocol for custom interfacing applications
  • Secure transmission using AES-128 encryption

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