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CorSense Predictive Maintenance Module Sensor

Technical Specifications

The Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor boasts up to a two-mile range using a wireless mesh networking architecture. The Predictive Maintenance Sensors are also known as Condition-based Based Monitoring Sensors. This IoT Preventative Monitoring Sensor consists of four of our most popular sensors in a single package to help control costs in most predictive maintenance applications. This sensor includes a vibration sensor, a thermocouple, a 100 Amp AC split core current sensor, and a machine body temperature sensor. This sensor is also C1D2 certified – Explosion proof.

Our IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor samples vibration, acceleration, velocity, displacement, frequency, RMS current, and temperature data. After data collection, our sensor will send a fixed user-designed transmission interval over your wireless network. This device comes with a 1.25-meter, split core current sensor, a 2-meter vibration probe (which will also measure machine body temperature), and a 1-meter thermocouple probe that makes installation straightforward.

Characteristics include: Incorporating a 16-bit vibration and temperature sensor. This sensor will transmit highly accurate vibration data at user-defined intervals. These All-In-One Vibration Sensors can send computed and measured data thanks to in-built FFT and also RAW data for further processing on the user end. Using a 3-Axis Sensor as opposed to a 1-Axis (such as Piezo Sensors) users will achieve a much more accurate measurement count and user-friendly process.

Part Number: SY-SNS-NPR55-61PM-PWR

Sensor Highlights

  • Industrial-grade IoT wireless predictive maintenance sensor
  • High-grade K-type thermocouple connector and probe
  • Thermocouple rating of 260°C (500°F) with ±2.2°C accuracy
  • AC current range up to 100A RMS measurement
  • Calculates RMS and MAX g vibration
  • Calculates RMS velocity vibration
  • Calculates RMS displacement
  • Calculates peak vibration frequency
  • Raw time domain data for FFT analysis
  • Built-in FFT analysis
  • Noise removal using low-pass and high-pass filter
  • Frequency range (bandwidth) 1.56Hz ~ 6.4kHz
  • Vibration sample rate up to 25.6kHz
  • Encrypted communication with 2-mile wireless range
  • Vibration probe operating temperature range -40 to +125 °C
  • Wall-mounted or magnet mounted IP65 enclosure
  • Vibration sensor with external probe option
  • Multiple probe mounting option 1/4 NPT, 1/4-28 UNF, and magnet mount
  • Up to 500,000 transmissions from 6 AA batteries
  • Many gateway and modem options available

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