CorSense Pressure Bidirectional Differential Sensor

Technical Specifications

Introducing NCD’s IoT Long range Wireless Bidirectional Differential Pressure Sensor with integrated temperature sensor. With an incredible 2-mile wireless range, this IoT pressure sensor uses a 900MHz wireless mesh networking architecture to hop data across large networks when longer range is required.

Incorporating a AMS5812 series high-resolution medical grade pressure sensor, this IoT pressure sensor samples pressure and temperature data, then transmits these data to user defined receiver(s). The whole process is repeated at user-defined intervals. For technical details on the pressure sensing element, please refer to the AMS5812 data sheet.This Wireless Bidirectional Differential Pressure Sensor comes with two nozzles and silicone rubber tubing.

  • Media compatibility of pressure port 1 (for a description of port 1, see drawing above): clean, dry gases, non-corrosive to silicon, RTV silicone rubber, gold (alkaline or acidic liquids can destroy the sensor).
  • Media compatibility of pressure port 2 (for a description of port 2, see drawing in the Resources tab): fluids and gases non-corrosive to silicon, Pyrex, RTV silicone rubber.

Powered by just 2 AA batteries and an operational lifetime of 500,000 wireless transmissions, a 10-year battery life can be expected depending on environmental conditions and the data transmission interval. Optionally, this sensor may be externally powered.

Part Number: SY-SNS-NPR49-24M-AMS58120150DB

Sensor Highlights

  • Industrial-grade bidirectional differential pressure sensor with temperature output
  • 4 user-selected operating pressure ranges during checkout
  • Pressure resolution up to 0.01 PSI (depending on sensor option)
  • Operating temperature range -20° to +70° C
  • Temperature resolution 0.01°C
  • 2-mile range with 900MHz on-board antenna
  • Superior LOS range of up to 28 miles with 900MHz high-gain antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino, and more
  • Example software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW
  • Wireless mesh networking using DigiMesh®
  • Open communication protocol for custom interfacing applications
  • Secure transmission using AES-128 encryption

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