Rackmount System

Reshaping the computer landscape, Rackmount computer products began to appear in the mid 1970’s. These systems are powered by the 8 bit microprocessor revolution which has completely reshaped the computer landscape. Comprising of keyboards, monitors, speakers, scanners, mouse, servers, printers head phones etc. Rackmount systems like CorSys445 have exceptional features. CorSys445 Rackmount systems have revision control, durability, […]

Industrial Monitors

Industrial Computers today comes with sturdy designs etched out especially to match the harsh conditions prevalent in all kinds of industries. Offering high resolution picture performance, there is a tough spawn of industrial monitors. These industrial monitors, comes with unbridled durability and a range of other high-end features. New pedigree of industrial monitors such as VISIO19 […]

Industrial monitors

Today’s line of industrial monitors is a tough breed of display panels that offer the ultimate in high-resolution picture performance, unbridled durability and a range of other high-end features. With sturdy designs etched out especially to match the harsh conditions prevalent in all kinds of industries, these monitors are the result of much innovative developments […]

VISIO19 Industrial Monitors

Monitors, whether television or computer, can make a great impression on viewers, depending on their graphical quality. Monitors with high graphical prowess always catch the fancy of viewers, while the ones with lesser graphical performance abilities seem to fail the buzz in the minds of the choosy audiences. However, when it comes to scrutinizing the […]

Rough, Tough And Sleek

Industrial computers, in accordance to the demands expected out of them, are fully equipped with all the necessities for high quality and precision based performance under the harshest industrial conditions. Naturally, under such situations, it is highly important for such kind of computers to be maintained with much care and arranged in the most systematic […]

Exclusive Touch Panel PC For Harsh Industrial Environment

Corvalent has commenced innovative range of Industrial Computers that will balance company’s entire range of design solutions needs especially for harsh industrial environments. Its excellent performance matches with the specific needs of Class I & II, Division 2 hazardous locations. Each TFT flat panel pc has its own significance to stand in the market as it offer […]

Industrial Motherboard, Industrial Monitor, Industrial PC

The need of computing has been increased in different sectors whether it’s manufacturing, business or official sector. Industrial computer coming up with Industrial motherboard, industrial monitor have taken a lead in this concept. Industrial PC controlled many applications including stock control, dispatch and that’s too if the needs are different. Running in a lot of different environment, Industrial PC’s […]

Touch Panel Monitors: Treading Newer Frontiers

There are monitors and then there are industrial monitors. One of the most widely used components from the world of electronics has come a long way since its inception and made its entry into the market in varied faces. However, the regular monitors for your homes are unlike any of the industrial monitors that are […]