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Our Management Team


Ed Trevis  President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Trevis has been Corvalent’s President and Chief Executive Officer since the company’s inception in 1993. Nominated twice by the Business Journal for The 2012 and 2005 Top 50 Award, Corvalent ranked in the Fastest Growing Large Private company category, both in Silicon Valley and Central Texas respectively. His leadership and business acumen have delivered double-digit growth and a rapid gain in the company’s market share. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Trevis was Director of Sales of DEICO Electronics where he managed Regional Sales Managers selling industrial motherboards in the OEM market.

Mr. Trevis holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and drives the company’s values of vision, focus, integrity, loyalty, honesty and growth, including fostering entrepreneurship. Since 2001, Mr. Trevis has been a CEO member of Vistage International, global top-level executive committee of business leaders.


Denise Manchester  Vice President of Sales

Ms. Manchester has over twenty five years of sales management and sales experience in the industrial PC based embedded hardware market. She has worked for Corvalent since 1994. As Vice President of Sales, Ms. Manchester oversees a staff of senior Regional Sales Managers. Before joining Corvalent, Ms. Manchester held several sales management positions with both software and hardware based organizations and managed a team of inside technical sales engineers. Prior to sales management, Ms. Manchester worked for ADAC Laboratories, a medical equipment company.

Ms. Manchester is an ISO 9001:2008 certified auditor. She is an active member of Women in Business and the Small Business Association. She has been a member of Vistage International since 2003, a global top-level executive committee of business leaders.


Martin Rudloff Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rudloff has more than 30 years of experience in the Electronic industry. Mr. Rudloff has worked for Corvalent since 1994 and has driven all aspects of product technology from concept to development, production, and validation to comprehensive product support. In 1991, Mr. Rudloff relocated to United States to manage the Test Validation Department for DEICO Electronics, an industrial motherboard manufacturer. Before DEICO, he joined MSM Corporation, a technical support and computer maintenance company. He was directly involved in operations and was technical liaison between the technicians, support personnel and the product manufacturers based in the United States. He started his professional career founding a consulting company specialized in providing software and computer technology training to Executives and other professionals.

Mr. Rudloff has a BS degree in Electric Engineering from Escola Politecnica, “USP – University in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Mark Bartholomew Director of Engineering

Mr. Bartholomew brings more than 30 years of technical, leadership, and management experience in the electronics industry to Corvalent. Mark’s technical strengths are in electronic system design, and leading cross disciplinary teams of electrical, software and mechanical engineers, and industrial design technologists. Most recently, Mark was Engineering Manager at MCC Computer Company where he was leading the development of a new generation of mobile rugged tablet computers. Prior to MCC, Mark was Engineering Manager for the electrical engineering group and a Project Manager at M3 Design in Round Rock, Texas where he led new product development projects for a wide variety of client customers. Mark joined M3 after working at WalkAbout Computers in Florida where he was the VP of Engineering. While at WalkAbout, Mark led the design of rugged tablet computers including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering. Mark has also held engineering and senior technical leadership and roles for well known product companies such as Brocade Communications, Adept Technology, SGI, Digital Equipment Corporation, and National Semiconductor Corporation.

Mark earned his BSEE degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Elcio Santos  Chief Information Officer

Mr. Santos has experience in business operations, management, finance and information systems, and has held a financial management post with Corvalent since 1994. He has developed and shaped a comprehensive information infrastructure and financial systems that are in place to this day. Previously Mr. Santos worked for Ralston Purina Corporation and used relational database technology, developed multi-currency accounting systems, financial report writer and other ERP related applications. Mr. Santos has previous expertise as a commercial applications programmer and systems analyst.

Mr. Santos holds a BS degree in Data Processing and Business Administration by Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been a member of Vistage International since 2003, a global top-level executive committee of business leaders.


John Lapaglia Director of Materials & Operations

John has over 30 years experience in Purchasing, Materials, and Operations. He created departments and developed procedures and processes for many companies, including a startup motor company, a startup semiconductor equipment company, and 2 startup medical instrument companies. He has changed and improved departments and processes for established companies including computer companies, medical device companies, and oil, gas, and energy companies.

The systems and processes he set up at Luminex (Startup Medical Device Company) allowed them to successfully go public in an FDA regulated environment.  He led many ERP system implementations, responsible for designing and implementing many aspects of the projects. He has successfully written and negotiated contracts of all types and managed many different supplier and customer relationships. He has led other sourcing and improvement endeavors, set up Kanban and other JIT systems.

John earned his dual BA degree in Administrative Management and Marketing from Texas Lutheran College in Seguin, Texas.


Beverly Gracie  Accounting/HR Manager

Mrs. Gracie has over 25 years of experience in finance and business operations in the medical and information technology fields. Before joining Corvalent in January 2006, she served as Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Polytron Corporation, a network integration company. While at Polytron she specialized in professional services outsourcing and complex system integration and implementation.

Mrs. Gracie holds a B.S. degree in Human Relations and Organization Behavior from University of San Francisco. She has been a member of Vistage International, a global top-level executive committee of business leaders, since 2012.

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