Monitors, whether television or computer, can make a great impression on viewers, depending on their graphical quality. Monitors with high graphical prowess always catch the fancy of viewers, while the ones with lesser graphical performance abilities seem to fail the buzz in the minds of the choosy audiences. However, when it comes to scrutinizing the abilities of industrial monitors, graphical quality is hardly the primary factor to make sure they are prime products. On the contrary, rugged framework and sturdy bodies make for a high performing industrial monitor, and the VISIO19 industrial monitor is a prime example of a product that packs in all the qualities of a tough bred monitor.

As a 19 inch TFT flat panel colour monitor, the VISIO19TM is a highly strong and durable performance based industrial monitor, which has been crafted to endure the most trying industrial environments that can even include Class I & II, Division 2 Hazardous Locations. The highly sturdy steel chassis that entraps the VISIO19 monitor has a powder coated machined aluminium bezel to meet all environmental conditions. Moreover, saying goodbye to the conventional studs, this winner has been done with mounting clips for enhanced panel mounting ability.

With a display size that measures 14.82 inches x 11.85 inches, the VISIO19 industrial monitor offers a brilliant display of 16 million colors and easily brings picture to life. Having complied with all the necessary regulations, this monitor is one of the safest products for various industries. The operating temperature setting of the monitor sways between 0°C to 50°C, while the operating humidity setting stands at 20% to 80% RH in a non-condensing state. Owing to these safety measurements that have been taken care of by the maker, the monitor has been listed under various approving safety agencies, and comes with a 2 years warranty to vouch for its long standing performance.

A wide range of accessories can be used with the VISIO19 industrial monitor for enhanced performance, such as analog VGA cables, Serial RS-232 touch screen cables, USB touch screen cables, DVI (type D) video cable, and plug for field wiring AC power. If intended to be used for industrial computers, an accessory that comes into great use is the Rattler M128 VGA card, which offers long-life, low profile graphics for industrial applications. With the aid of this VGA card, the display modes of the monitor can be switched between analog CRT, digital DVI and S-Video.

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