There are monitors and then there are industrial monitors. One of the most widely used components from the world of electronics has come a long way since its inception and made its entry into the market in varied faces. However, the regular monitors for your homes are unlike any of the industrial monitors that are hard-lined to survive in the toughest conditions. The NEMA 4 rated LCD panel mount industrial monitors, for instance, have been designed to withstand Class I, Class II, and Division 2 hazardous environments, especially for medical, security and surveillance, military, and other industrial applications. For this reason, these monitors have been crafted with precision and care to offer durability, reliability and consistent performance throughout their use.

In this category of industrial monitors, there is one branch that falls under the segment of touch screen monitors. Touch screen monitors are those display units that can be controlled by a mere touch of your fingers and operated with much ease. This kind of monitors has been seen to make a great impression at various industrial sectors, owing to their high level of endurance and ease of access. Four types of touch screen technologies in the likes of resistive, capacitive, infrared and acoustic wave have made their presence felt at a larger scale. These monitors can be commonly seen at ATM centers, gaming zones and airports as they are highly resistant to external aggressors like moisture and dirt.

Since your industrial computers have to run incessantly throughout the day and take care of complex industrial applications, they need to be fully equipped with highly resistant and reliable components. No wonder, the industrial monitors available in the market today are bred with utmost care to take on the challenges of the harshest conditions. The VISIO17 monitors and VISIO19 monitors are two of the most popular choices in the market today. These high performance TFT flat touch panel monitors have been designed to sustain the worst industrial conditions, as is evident through their durable steel chassis with a powder coated machined aluminum bezel, and fulfils all the safety standards laid down by the governing bodies. These highly rugged monitors are compatible with the standard analog VGA input and display 16 million colors in all VESA video modes.

From what is evident today, it can be just right to say that the future of display solutions is here and will continue to impress onlookers with newer and better next generation technologies.

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