The last 486 motherboards soon to ship… The Official End of an Era

Walking through our production facility yesterday, I noticed a batch of motherboards on the assembly line, being prepared for shipment. The board was our old “Predator 747” equipped with a blazingly fast 486DX2 processor. Long since ‘officially’ discontinued, we’ve quietly continued to manufacture and sell this to one of our clients that use the boards […]

Martin’s Look at Processor Cooling

Hello, all! Martin here and welcome to our most recent edition of Martin’s Corner. It’s been quite a while since I last made an update, since that time we have completed our move to the Austin, TX area. And everyone has taken the time to get settled into our new home (many of us have […]

Intel Processors… Low Power? Yes!

Hello, everyone! Sprechen Sie talk? It’s me, Martin, again for our September’s installment of Martin’s Corner. This month I want to touch on the fact that Intel processors are getting to be very attractive in the low power space (so much so that you could never fry an egg on one). We, at Corvalent, are […]