MicroATX 965MTX Motherboard

Industrial motherboards sure do pack a punch when it comes to offering heavy duty performance for high-stretched operations, and the MicroATX 965MTX motherboard is no exception. As a long-life industrial motherboard, the 965MTX motherboard comes backed up with multi-core processor technology and PCI Express, even as the Intel Q965 Express chipset breathes life into it. As a vital component […]

The New Intel Pentium 4 Motherboards

The new Intel Pentium 4 motherboards are showing up inside the best computers in the world. World renown for their efficiency in processing large amounts of information at lightning speeds, Pentium 4 motherboards are dominating the motherboard market for home and business computers. As more and more people are learning how to use computers and learning how to operate […]

Intel’s Newest Processor and Chipset Families Explained

Today we will be discussing the new family of processors and chipsets from Intel®. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding these new products, especially with regard to their features and functionality. Although it’s hard to see why there would be confusion when “3450” can refer to both a chipset or a processor, one […]

‘Tis the Season for COM Express!

Happy Holidays from Martin’s Corner! I hope you are still getting some laughs from last month’s installment.  I am still cracking some of those jokes (when I can find the time). With this season of giving I wanted to share with you a gift that my engineering department gave me and Corvalent this month. No, […]

Intel Processors… Low Power? Yes!

Hello, everyone! Sprechen Sie talk? It’s me, Martin, again for our September’s installment of Martin’s Corner. This month I want to touch on the fact that Intel processors are getting to be very attractive in the low power space (so much so that you could never fry an egg on one). We, at Corvalent, are […]

New Year, New Products!

Hi all, Martin here with another installment of Martin’s Corner. As we kick off the new year, we are excited that we are kicking off a lot of new products to meet our customers needs. I know what you’re thinking, that is what companies like Corvalent are supposed to do. True, but that does not […]

American Predator Launches the Gator Epic, a compact, Rugged SBC for Embedded Applications

MORGAN HILL, California (10/26/05) —- American Predator Corporation today announced the release of the Gator EPIC, a low-power, mid-size single board computer (SBC) based on the Intel® Pentium® LV M/Celeron® ULV M processor and the EPIC form factor. The EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) standard was developed to solve the need for an industrial-quality SBC […]

American Predator’s Gator AT Keeps the AT Form Factor and ISA BUS Alive!

The Intel® Pentium® M And Celeron M Processors Are Now Available In A Long-Life Baby-AT Form Factor With ISA Device Support MORGAN HILL, California (04/05/04) —- American Predator Corporation (APC) today announced the specifications of the Gator AT™ Industrial Controller. This new design is based on the Baby-AT form factor (8.6″x11.0″), the Intel® Pentium® M and […]

American Predator’s Phoenix ATX-P Utilizes Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor and Intel® 875P Chipset for High Performance and Integration

The Latest Addition To American Predator’s “Phoenix” Family Of Industrial Controllers Brings The Company To The Forefront Of Industrial Technology MORGAN HILL, California (02/18/04) —- American Predator Corporation (APC) today announced the specifications of the Phoenix ATX-P™ Industrial Controller. This new design is based on the ATX form factor (9.6″x12″), the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with […]