CorSys 6th/5th Gen 24″ 1U Rackmount Workstation

Q170MX and Q87MX Compatible 1U Rackmount Workstation

1U Rackmount | Corvalent

Technical Specifications


Rackmount Description:

Here is a great rackspace-saving 1U server system that gracefully combines storage and computing horsepower. Ideal for data or network servers, video imaging systems, or any other application where tasks are heavily network or CPU-intensive, and require a healthy amount of file storage space. Eight hot-swap 2.5″ drives are available, and can be loaded up to provide both a mirrored OS RAID array, and RAID 10 storage directly from the motherboard. Powered by our rock-solid Q87MX or Q170MX motherboard and the Intel® i7™ processor, you get the dependable power and storage needed to get the job done. Five dual high speed internal fans are mounted mid-way in the case to move air through the chassis and over the motherboard, while still keeping fan noise to a minimum. A full 16X PCIe video slot is accessible, and may be loaded with a wide selection of video cards, for increased 3D capabilities. Additionally, a 700W power supply keeps things well powered and running smooth. Redundant options are also available.

Dimensions 1U
Enclosure Depth 17.7″
Video Cards NVIDIA K620, K2200, K4200
Boards Supported Q170MX and Q87MX


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