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When a manufacturing line goes down, the financial implications can be limitless, not to mention the business interruption and associated time delays.

Having access to legacy motherboards with new technology features allows production facilties to continue running reliable for at least ten years. When facilities are called on to increase production exponentially, Corvalent’s long-life products enable these facilities to scale and provide a consistent computing platform that is backwards compatible.

  • We understand the massive financial implications for industrial automation facilities and keeping the manufacturing line running uninterrupted.
  • We guarantee long-life solutions with a minimum of seven to 10 years' uninterupted service and support.
  • We ensure long term cost savings while not interrupting your normal business practice.
  • We have long lasting relationships with the leading manufacturing facilities.

“We make our technology buying decisions based primarily on the life of the product. We try to keep products from going obsolete. Corvalent’s 7-10 year guarantee really appeals to us.”

Vice President of Engineering of a U.S. based manufacturer of advanced cutting systems

Corvalent currently provides complete custom embedded solutions for many industries around the United States. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with making your manufacturing life a little easier.

Sample Applications

  • Factory Floor Automation
  • Automotive Production
  • Industrial Stress and Load Monitoring
  • Sensor Data Collection Networks
  • Machine Tool Automation
  • Laser Cutting Equipment
  • Machine Cutting Equipment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Molds for 3D Products
  • Pharmaceutical Automation

Connect with Corvalent to build a trusted design and manufacturing partnership – ensuring long-term product consistency and 7-10 year availability with customized materials planning programs.

Intergration Services

Intergration Services
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