Hello, everyone! Sprechen Sie talk? It’s me, Martin, again for our September’s installment of Martin’s Corner.

This month I want to touch on the fact that Intel processors are getting to be very attractive in the low power space (so much so that you could never fry an egg on one).

We, at Corvalent, are excited by the new Low Power and Ultra Low Voltage Intel processors that are hitting the market. If you are privy to Intel’s roadmaps, you know what we’re talking about. Some solutions are now in the five watt range with likely even lower wattages next year. This means that designs that used to only be passively cooled X-Scale candidates are now able to utilize Intel Architecture (IA). These processors will be ideal for medical, security & surveillance, oil & gas, point-of-sale, aerospace, and military/defense applications, to highlight a few.

The good thing about this is that all the tools and software that have been written for IA will now be able to be utilized by us as a system integrator and by our customers who have many of their applications written for IA.

Some of the processors we are excited about include:

For more information on Intel’s future Ultra Low Voltage processors visit: www.intel.com/design/embedded

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