Single board Industrial computer offers a wide variety of wired and wireless connectivity to meet industrial needs. The various features of industrial sbc assist designers in using economical board for many applications. In simple words an appropriate industrial motherboard sbc or sbc makes suitable system integrator for all industries. Below are some necessary features that make industrial sbc more demandable among various industries:

High Performance

Every Industry seeks for cost efficient solution remarkably at low power consumption. The industrial sbc cost effectiveness along with ultra compact facility makes it an exclusive system integrator for car PCs, entertainment systems or industrial automation systems. Its excellent computing methods and high performance features becomes the ultimate choice for many industries. The compact-size, fanless operation, low power consumption adds value to the work and increase the performance .It act like a highly integrated platform to satisfy various customer’s demand.

Compatible With Expansion

The industrial sbc or sbc motherboard fits in size between PC/104-Plus and EBX standards as they are fully compatible with the increased technology expansion. Most of the industrial single-board computer are available in different sizes like one can find industrial sbc ranging from 3.6× 3.8 PC/104 bus 486DX to a 5.75× 8.0 EBX depending upon the analog I/O support, networking capability or temperature requirements . Moreover they can also analyze the different space-sensitive and expansion options to enhance their work or entertainment performance.

Meeting High Standards

Industrial single-board computers offered by Corvalent are based on the EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) form factor. These EPIC embedded SBC supports advanced processors and complex I/O functions for data acquisition, video processing, telecommunications, networking and other applications. These boards successfully meet the various standards of industries. Moreover, the small industrial-grade embedded computer board with I/O expansion option (I/O circuit protection) for PC, USB, and Ethernet etc solves the quality need of various industrial computing needs.

Bridging Technology Gaps

The industrial single-board computer has bridge the gap between the traditional methods industrial computing methods. These boards have specific drivers, documentation, cables to simplify the creation of solid state disk and high performance of work. Infact the SBCs are available in different sizes and capabilities with effective integrated video and Ethernet controllers. This sbc motherboard also fit space-sensitive and extended temperature requirements along with the networking operating feature and multiple data storage choices.

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