Corvalent has commenced innovative range of Industrial Computers that will balance company’s entire range of design solutions needs especially for harsh industrial environments. Its excellent performance matches with the specific needs of Class I & II, Division 2 hazardous locations. Each TFT flat panel pc has its own significance to stand in the market as it offer absolute performance, flexibility and shorter span of time to reach. The further outcomes of these pc’s are below:

High Performance

The entire flat panel PCs provides excellent support to hazardous locations. The VISIO15 ’15” color TFT flat panel monitor’, VISIO17 ’17” color TFT flat panel monitor’, VISIO19TM ’19” color TFT flat panel monitor’ designed while keeping in mind harsh industrial environments. These touch screen monitors are fully compatible for Class I and II division as it is housed in a heavy duty steel chassis with a powder coated machined aluminum bezel. Their high performance becomes the suitable answers for preparing major web-based presentations or information terminals.

Greater Flexibility

The 5-wire analog resistive touch screen monitors offer high levels of accuracy and durability as they have RS-232 and USB interface capability. Its certified touch panel pc is UL/CUL listed with NEMA 4/4X/12 standards and RoHs compliant. The monitors are made up of 304 stainless steel bezel and 24 volt DC input power which is essential for managing harsh industrial environment. The matchless panel mounting is also used with mounting clips to reduce conventional stud problems. Infact Rackmount Systems meet the CE requirements and provide greater flexibility of work.

Wide Screen Capabilities

Be it a VISIO15 or VISIO17 or VISIO19TM, each flat panel PC have color TFT with wider panel monitor and full choice of chipsets. The standardized analog VGA input display all VESA video modes up to 1280 x 1024 with 16 million colors. In simple words its perfect screen assists in multiple presentations, media and advertising related issues for harsh environment. These touch panel pc easily manage complete range of pc related company’s needs with higher accuracy.

Easily Shipped

All the touch screen monitors or touch panel pc are shipped with power input wiring receptacle, VGA cable, touch screen cables, mounting hardware, manual and driver software. These additional features balance the complete range of pc designs for hazard locations and offer flexible solutions. Corvalent understand the basic needs of harsh industrial environment and shipped them accordingly at faster period with absolute accuracy and durability.

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