The Q35ATX Is Immediately Available For Long-Life Applications

MORGAN HILL, California (2/05/08) – Corvalent, a leading global supplier and pioneer of high-quality, long-life embedded boards and systems announced today the launch of its new Multicore Processing motherboard, the Q35ATX, compatible with the latest Intel® Core 2 Duo processors while providing best in class scalability accommodating Intel® Celeron® processors and featuring PCI Express technology.

The latest edition to Corvalent’s robust motherboard and system offerings, the motherboard is based on the Intel® Q35 chipset. The Intel® Q35 chipset addresses key requirements of embedded computing designs including graphics, low power consumption, noise reduction, manageability, data protection, and security. When combined with Intel Core™ Duo processors this platform helps embedded OEMs deploy responsive, high performance, low power systems.

Corvalent’s complete line of motherboard products and systems are designed to support long-life embedded applications and to provide ongoing support for the latest Intel processors to enable customers to get their products to market quickly. The Q35ATX was designed specifically for high-performance applications in Medical, Military/Defense, Security/Surveillance, Oil and Gas, Factory Automation, and Gaming.

Product Highlights:

“With today’s compute intensive applications gaining momentum a high-performance, customizable, scalable motherboard design with long-life support will meet the needs of our customers”, said Martin Rudloff, Chief Technology Officer for Corvalent. “The Corvalent Strategy is to stay aligned with the latest Intel embedded roadmap products paving the way for equipment manufacturers to build more efficient products that create new revenue streams and grow their market share.” The Q35ATX is Corvalent’s latest offering that highlights our commitment to be a technology leader while meeting specific customer needs.”

The new Q35ATX is immediately available and can be purchased by

About Corvalent

Founded in 1993, Corvalent is the only embedded computing design and manufacturing provider to deliver long-life products, long-term cost savings and lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees. Corvalent is the only provider to deliver ten year product longevity.  Corvalent’s x86 platform has a proven track record of providing robust Intel-based solutions for industrial applications, including oil and gas, industrial automation, defense/military, automotive, mobile/rugged, security and surveillance, and medical applications.  As a single source delivering industrial design through full-scale manufacturing, Corvalent offers flexibility and growth through turnkey solutions, including rack mounted systems, mobile/handheld devices, embedded motherboards, embedded systems, and industrial display systems.

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