Extremely Compact, Low Power Single Board Computer Design Brings Mobile Off-The-Shelf Technology To The Industrial Environment.

Cedar Park, Texas (5/22/09) —- Corvalent, a full-turn key computer based design and manufacturing solutions supplier providing products and services from industrial, mechanical and electronic designs, long-life embedded boards and systems, announced today the launch of its Intel® Atom® 3.5″ SBC board, the 945GSBC, compatible with the latest Intel® Atom N270 1.6Ghz microprocessor.

The 945GSBC is the first Corvalent 3.5″ form factor product introduction combining a versatile set of features and low power consumption within 5″X 3.7″ board dimension.

Based on the latest Intel® 945GSE core logic chipset, the 945SBC is completely integrated with a 1Gb Ethernet controller, 8 USB, 1 EIDE, 2 SATA, LVDS, Dual Display ports. Additional capabilities expand this product such as one Mini-PCI Express connector and one CFcard connector.

The benefits of low power, great performance, complete integration and high flexibility makes this product one of the most integrated product offerings Corvalent has ever launched in such a compact design.

The new 945SBC is combined with Corvalent’s unique capabilities to design full system solutions from industrial design to mechanical enclosures, all electronics including providing the most flexible materials and manufacturing programs known in the industrial environment.

Corvalent’s complete line of long life, revision controlled motherboard products and systems are designed to provide consistency in embedded applications and to maintain ongoing support for the latest Intel processors to enable customers to get their products to market quickly. The 945GSBC was designed specifically for low power/high performance applications in Medical, Military/Defense, Security/Surveillance, Oil and Gas, Factory Automation, Mobile handheld devices.

Product Highlights

“Certainly, one of the most integrated designs I have seen being created in our company in the last 15 years “, said Denise Manchester, Vice President of Sales for Corvalent.

“One of the most cost effective products Corvalent launched, it provides the building blocks our customers need to create a very compact system level product without having enormous thermal issues” said Martin Rudloff, Chief Technology Officer for Corvalent.

The new 945GSBC will be available in June of 2009 and can be purchased by contacting sales@corvalent.com

About Corvalent

Founded in 1993, Corvalent is the only embedded computing design and manufacturing provider to deliver long-life products, long-term cost savings and lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees. Corvalent is the only provider to deliver ten year product longevity.  Corvalent’s x86 platform has a proven track record of providing robust Intel-based solutions for industrial applications, including oil and gas, industrial automation, defense/military, automotive, mobile/rugged, security and surveillance, and medical applications.  As a single source delivering industrial design through full-scale manufacturing, Corvalent offers flexibility and growth through turnkey solutions, including rack mounted systems, mobile/handheld devices, embedded motherboards, embedded systems, and industrial display systems.

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