CEDAR PARK, TX — June 16, 2010 — Corvalent Announces Three Powerful New Long Life Cycle Motherboards.

Careful Design Offers Unique Features, Combining The Cutting Edge, With Legacy Support!

Corvalent, a US based company well known for producing powerful and highly versatile OEM industrial motherboards with a guaranteed (7) to (10) years of continuous production, is pleased to announce that we will be adding (3) powerful new long-life motherboards to our product family!

345AX – Our most powerful full size ATX motherboard with support for the Xeon, i5, and i3 processors, and support for ECC (Electronic Error Corrected) memory, for the absolute highest reliability possible.
Q57MX – A micro ATX motherboard, smaller in size, fewer expansion slots, but with no compromises in power, legacy support or features. The Q57MX Supports the Intel i7, i5, and i3 processors.
Q57AX – A powerful full size ATX motherboard, with support for the Intel i7, i5, and i3 Processors. All the expansion, features, and power, and in continuous production for many years to come.

In keeping with our traditions of designing our products for maximum flexibility, these cutting-edge motherboards offer both modern technologies such as PCI-E and SATA3, while still supporting unique legacy connectivity such as multiple serial and PCI expansion ports. Additionally, groundbreaking features such as SATA2 hardware RAID (allowing ANY operating system the power of RAID 0/1), Dual output on-board video*, ECC Support*, SATA3 Hybrid RAID 0/1/5/10 for Windows data redundancy, and dual Gigabit Ethernet, make these products stand alone in terms of performance and sheer versatility.

Corvalent has designed, and is manufacturing these products specifically to meet the needs of our clients that are engaged in industries where sheer processing power, maximum data throughput, and expandability are of critical importance.

About Corvalent

Founded in 1993, Corvalent is the only embedded computing design and manufacturing provider to deliver long-life products, long-term cost savings and lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees. Corvalent is the only provider to deliver ten year product longevity.  Corvalent’s x86 platform has a proven track record of providing robust Intel-based solutions for industrial applications, including oil and gas, industrial automation, defense/military, automotive, mobile/rugged, security and surveillance, and medical applications.  As a single source delivering industrial design through full-scale manufacturing, Corvalent offers flexibility and growth through turnkey solutions, including rack mounted systems, mobile/handheld devices, embedded motherboards, embedded systems, and industrial display systems.

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