CEDAR PARK, TX — March, 2011 — Corvalent Announces a New Powerful Mini ITX Motherboard With Full Speed PCI-E Slot.

Longevity By Design!

Corvalent, a US based company well known for producing powerful and highly versatile OEM industrial motherboards with a guaranteed (7) to (10) years of continuous production, is pleased to announce a powerful new compact motherboard.

This powerful new motherboard measures only 6.7″ x 6.7″, yet it features a full size PCI-E slot running at 16x speed. This permits this small industrial motherboard to fully support any full size, modern graphics card. The board also supports the Intel® i7™, i5™, or Celeron™ mobile processors, along with the QM57 Express™ chipset.

“We wanted an industrial motherboard that had very strong computing power, with desktop class features, yet also utilized a mobile chipset.” says Ed Trevis, CEO of Corvalent. “By designing the QM57 the way we did, we have i7 computing power, built in dual monitor video or full 3D PCI-Express graphics support (if needed), along with multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports built in. But here’s the best part: By using the mobile chipset, we were able to produce a very small board that uses less power, generates less heat, and can tolerate much higher heat ranges.” He goes on to say, “Many of our clients utilize our systems in mobile applications, such as news vans, or large off road industrial vehicle, so we developed this board to fit into extremely small enclosures, in some genuinely harsh conditions, while still offering real CPU and 3D graphics horsepower”

Most importantly, like Corvalent’s other motherboards that remain in continuous production for (7) to (10) years, the QM57 has the same guaranteed active production life cycle. Customers that depend on consistency and reliability, value Corvalent’s dedication to keep all of it’s products and designs in active production for as long as possible… quite the opposite from other computer companies with product life cycles that likely end with their next product model release.

About Corvalent

Founded in 1993, Corvalent is the only embedded computing design and manufacturing provider to deliver long-life products, long-term cost savings and lasting relationships with customers, partners and employees. Corvalent is the only provider to deliver ten year product longevity.  Corvalent’s x86 platform has a proven track record of providing robust Intel-based solutions for industrial applications, including oil and gas, industrial automation, defense/military, automotive, mobile/rugged, security and surveillance, and medical applications.  As a single source delivering industrial design through full-scale manufacturing, Corvalent offers flexibility and growth through turnkey solutions, including rack mounted systems, mobile/handheld devices, embedded motherboards, embedded systems, and industrial display systems.

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