In an age of electronic devices that counts on efficiency rather than on their size, compact gadgets have shown that abundance in space doesn’t really mean abundance in their abilities. On the contrary, in perfect consonance to the phrase ‘good things come in small packages,’ compact devices have ushered in a new phase of mobilism based on a high performance enabled configuration. And when we touch the subject of mobilism, we just can’t ignore the amazing developments, which have become the highlight of the computer industry. In the middle of an ever persistent journey of upgrading in computer technology, the development of mobile or handheld computing devices has attracted a lot of attention, primarily because of what these devices are serving to their users.

Whether it’s about displaying their technological prowess in medical, defense, or other scientific applications, handheld or mobile computers have taken convenient usability to an entirely new level. With the option to customise the applications according to your needs, these compact computing devices can be a powerful tool for you in your professional work zones. In fact, powered up with the right embedded packages, they can very well do all that your industrial computers could do. Two of the most popular lines of handheld computers are the Corbook series and the Explorer series.

The range of Explorer computers comprise the XP9800 and XP520 as the forbearers to the future of mobile computing technology, what with a huge array of low cost, and yet high-calibre features making them a hugely popular choice in today’s tech-frenzied world. The XP520 is a highly rugged PDA phone that works on a Windows CE.NET 5.0 Professional Plus operating system and is powered by the Marvell 400MHz Processor. A 64MB SDRAM and a 64MB Flash ROM offers it enough spunk for high-ranged industrial applications. The XP520, on the other hand, is powered by the Marvell PX270 520MHz processor and Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

The CorBook15 computer is the only release under the Corbook series and comes across as a high-performance feature enabled notebook that supports either of Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, or Intel Celeron M Core 2 Solo processor. With a shock resistant LCD screen, spill resistant keyboard and touchpad, and a drop resistant body, it is truly a rugged notebook designed to withstand all hazardous industrial environments. Even safety rates high with the CorBook15, as features like Kensington lock, administrator password, and boot password keep your fears at bay without much effort.

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