Increasing The Potential Of Unattainable Targets – Embedded Systems Are Here

Special purpose computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated tasks rather then general purpose computer for multipurpose task is termed as Embedded System. Becoming more and more important nowadays, embedded system technology could be easily seen in Industrial motherboards and rackmount systems. These systems are mostly used in all type of communication computing, display and […]

Industrial Motherboards – The Power Within

The motherboard is perhaps the most important segment of a computer, besides the processor, all of which combine together to form the central processing unit (CPU) carefully fitted inside a cabinet. Also known variably as a main board or a system board, the motherboard is a complex setup of various chips, the processor, main memory, […]

CorBook Computer: The Future Of Mobile Computing

In an age of electronic devices that counts on efficiency rather than on their size, compact gadgets have shown that abundance in space doesn’t really mean abundance in their abilities. On the contrary, in perfect consonance to the phrase ‘good things come in small packages,’ compact devices have ushered in a new phase of mobilism […]

Industrial Monitors

Industrial Computers today comes with sturdy designs etched out especially to match the harsh conditions prevalent in all kinds of industries. Offering high resolution picture performance, there is a tough spawn of industrial monitors. These industrial monitors, comes with unbridled durability and a range of other high-end features. New pedigree of industrial monitors such as VISIO19 […]

Industrial Computers

There’s always a need of computing whether it’s manufacturing or office sector. Industrial computers have taken a lead in this concept. Many automated manufacturing process are controlled by these computers such as application like stock control and dispatch however their needs are quite a different one. Industrial PC’s always run in a lot of different environment to […]

Mobile computing on a new roll

Good things, they say, come in small packages. At least that’s what seems to be the trend in the electronic industry at the behest of a never tiring rage in the area of technological innovation. In fact, the whole business of compacting electronic devices has reached a new level of mobility, which so to say […]

Industrial monitors

Today’s line of industrial monitors is a tough breed of display panels that offer the ultimate in high-resolution picture performance, unbridled durability and a range of other high-end features. With sturdy designs etched out especially to match the harsh conditions prevalent in all kinds of industries, these monitors are the result of much innovative developments […]

VISIO19 Industrial Monitors

Monitors, whether television or computer, can make a great impression on viewers, depending on their graphical quality. Monitors with high graphical prowess always catch the fancy of viewers, while the ones with lesser graphical performance abilities seem to fail the buzz in the minds of the choosy audiences. However, when it comes to scrutinizing the […]

MicroATX 965MTX Motherboard

Industrial motherboards sure do pack a punch when it comes to offering heavy duty performance for high-stretched operations, and the MicroATX 965MTX motherboard is no exception. As a long-life industrial motherboard, the 965MTX motherboard comes backed up with multi-core processor technology and PCI Express, even as the Intel Q965 Express chipset breathes life into it. As a vital component […]

Rough, Tough And Sleek

Industrial computers, in accordance to the demands expected out of them, are fully equipped with all the necessities for high quality and precision based performance under the harshest industrial conditions. Naturally, under such situations, it is highly important for such kind of computers to be maintained with much care and arranged in the most systematic […]