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  • 2013 Tech & Science News in Review

    2013 was a remarkable year for technology and science. Here is our top 10 list of things that stood out this year: • Graphene was found to be the strongest material in the world. *1 • A NASA rover found evidence for water on Mars. *2 • Cisco began counting “The Internet of Things” through

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  • Assessing modern CPU performance & quality: Choosing the right processor for the job

    Have you noticed how it’s getting harder and harder to figure out which is the right processor to use for a specific application? Is there a reliable (and simple) way to compare performance? Today you can choose between desktop or mobile CPUs, PGA, LGA or BGA mounting, second or third generation, and so on. You

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  • Corvalent Unveils New Website

    Austin, TX, August 28, 2013 – Corvalent, the only embedded computing design and manufacturing provider to assure a minimum of seven to ten years product longevity, unveiled its newest website ( today. In an effort to better communicate its focus on delivering long-life solutions, long-term cost savings and long-lasting relationships, Corvalent has revamped its website to

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  • A Boy and His Atom

    A Boy and His Atom

    We usually have the tendency on focusing on big events, big objects and big accomplishments, but sometimes these big accomplishments can be made by extremely small (100 million times) events. I just watched a movie created by IBM called “A Boy and his Atom”. It is truly amazing. IBM Engineers are able to move individual

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